Hi Darling,

I specialize in high end intimate weddings, events, and elopements. I choose to work closely and comfortably with my couples and I genuinely care about their well-being and happiness. Since I was little, I have been passionate about transmitting sensations through a photograph. To document life. To pause time. To remember those little moments that make our life magical. Nothing makes my heart beat faster than giving that gift to others. Meaningful moments shared between two people in love. The smiles, the glances, the hugs, the laughter, and the tears. 

“I do not consider myself a typical and traditional photographer. Instead, I am an artist who carries in her heart the purpose of immortalizing moments that generate smiles and innumerable feelings through the years.”

I’m inspired by love, creativity, light, and all the in between moments of our daily life. The way sunbeams peek through our bedroom window in the morning, sincere interactions between strangers in a coffee shop, the different colors of a sunset…All the little things in life that are meaningful. When I'm not behind the camera, I'm a nerd in pretty much all aspects of my life and I think the greatest thing in life is to work on how to create greater wellness in our body, mind, and spirit, but most importantly, I love to learn and share that with others.


“I'm a journalistic photographer, explorer, and adventurer seeking to make the world a more beautiful and meaningful place.”