Hi Darling,

I grew up in Colombia, South America. Around the mountains, farms, flowers, incredible nature, and two large Latin families with a lot of people with different personalities and dreams who teach me so many things around the road like the love for art, design, writing, painting, architecture, nature life and so much love for family and celebration around every single occasion and making it memorable. Yes, I had a very busy family life!

It shapes so much for who I am today, an artist who wants to transmit through artistic and intentional photography your true love story, all hugs, kisses, and tears of joy and laughter that are unique to your celebration with your family and friends.

When I'm not behind the camera, I spend my time gardening, reading, hiking, doing meditation, watching movies with my husband, finding new restaurants, learning new things in interior design, architecture and wellness for body and spirit. You can believe it, but I'm addicted to Pinterest, coffee, and everything with bees.

In my photography art, what drives me is "Giving my couples a photography experience that results in a seamless & enjoyable day focuses on each other and the celebration!" 

Amia Marcell: Low country Wedding Photographer luxury, elegant, fashion, editorial

“I believe in romantic, emotional, and timeless photographs,
and I want every one of my clients always to be able to look back on their photos and relive those moments as if it was the first time.”

A few THINGS I believe IN


Your wedding album is your first family heirloom that tells how your love story began. It’s easily accessible and looks great as a coffee table decor in your home.

Why spend thousands of dollars on photos that only live on your screen? 

it's all in the DETAILS

Make your day personal and let it reflect who you are as a couple. Details make a rich and fabulous love story and they will refine all your pictures!

I love to create beautifully styled - shots of the tiny things you worked so hard on.


Love, creativity, light, and all the in-between moments of our daily life.

The way sunbeams peek through our bedroom window in the morning, sincere interactions between strangers in a coffee shop, the different colors of a sunset…All the little things in life that are magical.


You’re looking for more than a photographer. 

I believe it is so important that we are the right fit for each other because a good relationship will result in capturing true and honest images that really reflect who you are.

It would be an honor to document your life's greatest moments


Things I LOVE

Florida Photographer

I'm MARRIED too.

He is my best commitment and my complement.

Honestly. I wouldn't be a photographer if it weren't for my husband, Carlos. His endless support and love pushed me to start a new career from scratch. Carlos saw my love for design and passion for the wedding industry, and was the first one to encourage me to share my photography with the world.

He is also my second hand in almost all my weddings, lending support to all my couples.

Amia Marcell: South Carolina Wedding photographer, luxury, elegant, fashion, editorial, romantic

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