Kimberly & Steven

Kimberly and Steven's love is so captivating it's like something out of a romantic movie! Their love story is a perfect combination of friendship, adventure and complicity. So join us on this exciting journey through time as we relive the highlights of their romance!

It was 2009 in college, and Kimberly and Steven shared the same group of friends, although back then they were just that: friends. But fate, with its peculiar sense of humor, strove to wait a little longer before uniting their hearts.


After graduation, Kimberly took the bold leap and moved to glamorous New York City, while Steven went on to pursue his master's degree at IU in Indiana. It seemed that fate wanted to put a test of connection, keeping them separated by a considerable distance.

But in 2014, homesickness brought Kimberly back to Indiana, and this is when the sparks of love began to ignite. Steven, aware that fate has given them a second chance, invites her to her 4th of July party. That magical night, as the fireworks illuminated the sky, they realized that there was something extraordinary between them.


Love blossomed and they began to spend each day together. Despite the challenges posed by the distance, they refused to give up. After a year of long-distance love, they knew they wanted to take their relationship to the next level. So without hesitation, Kimberly made a brave decision and moved to Indiana, where they lived together for a year before embarking on a new adventure in Tennessee for work.

The secret to his instant crush? The fact that they had already known each other as friends for years allowed them to discover the kindness and generosity that both held in their hearts. Even before they were a couple, their friends at the university already saw that they were for each other, what an intuition of theirs!


Since then, for the last 9 years, they have shared their passion for travel, delicious food, exciting ski adventures and much more! They are not only life partners, but also work and fun partners. Together they make a perfect team, capable of being serious when necessary and, at the same time, enjoying moments of pure fun and joy.

And so, their wedding photography captures the sparkle in their eyes, the warmth of their smile, and the unwavering love that unites them. Their love story, which began in university classrooms and turned into a beautiful odyssey, is the perfect testimony that destiny always plays a role in our lives.


I am sure that their life together will continue to be an inspiring example of everlasting love, and I wish them all the best as the next chapter of this wonderful adventure is written.

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