Kathryn & Zach

Join me on an unforgettable journey as we explore the dream wedding of Kathryn and Zach on Dataw Island in South Carolina. Their love story began on the high school volleyball courts and blossomed into a tale worth sharing. 


Their hearts intertwined on a sunny afternoon during an exciting volleyball game in high school. However, it was during their college years that fate brought them even closer. After years of shared laughter, unforgettable adventures, and mutual support, Zach proposed to Kathryn on a magical family getaway to Kiawah Island. 

Surrounded by the beauty of golden beaches and sea breezes, Zach created a romantic scenario with the help of his loved ones and surprised Kathryn with a proposal full of love and emotion. Her heart was filled with joy, and her passion shone brighter than ever. 

Determined to make their wedding an unforgettable event, Kathryn and Zach chose Dataw Island, a place special to both of them. 


Dataw Island held memories of shared vacations and happy times at Zach's family's retirement home. With its elegance and classic charm, Dataw Island became the perfect backdrop for their love story. 


Kathryn and Zach's wedding was more than just an event. It was a weekend full of magic and love. Every moment was meticulously planned, from the intimate ceremony between whites and greens that unfolded in a picturesque setting to the reception that sent everyone vibrating with its festive atmosphere. 


The guests lived an unforgettable experience. I hope Kathryn and Zach's love continues to flourish. May their days be filled with laughter, adventures, and magical moments. Long live their love forever! 

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